Finding a reliable and affordable auto insurance company in Austin, Texas, is not an easy task because of the several auto insurance companies in the area people to sift through. To save you time and from the stress of doing the research work, here is a list of the top 5 Auto insurance companies based in Austin, Texas.

Here are the top 6 auto insurance companies in Austin, Texas.

1. Metlife

The MetLife insurance company has been in services for decades. Moreover, the brand is among the top-rated auto insurance companies in Austin, Texas, and it is rated third-place by the J.D power ratings. Another reason as to why you might want to ensure your car with the MetLife insurance company is because it offers great deals to their customers. Furthermore, you can expect to pay less for the auto insurance cover.

2. GEICO Insurance Company

GEICO insurance company is considered to be the best auto insurance company in Austin, Texas. This conclusion was made after a competition was held in Texas for the best Insurance company in this region. GEICO insurance company emerged as the winner even though J.D power rating believes that the company needs improvement when it comes to delivering quality services to its customers. However, the insurance company charge reasonable prices for their insurance packages and offer optional coverages as well as discounts.

3. USAA Insurance

Many people prefer USAA insurance. That is because this particular insurance company delivers quality services to its clients. Furthermore, the USAA insurance company offers everything that customers could ask for in terms of reliable services and reasonable pricing. Moreover, the insurance company also has an online website where you can gather more details about their services.

4. PROGRESSIVE Insurance

PROGRESSIVE insurance company offers the best auto insurance coverage for high-risk drivers. The insurance company provides Texas residents an opportunity to buy cheap auto insurance coverage even if you are not an experienced driver. That means you can still be insured by the PROGRESSIVE insurance company even if you just got your driving license recently. Another reason as to why Texas residents prefer being protected by this particular company is because you can still be insured even if your credit rating is poor.

5. The Texas Farm Bureau

This insurance company is open to Texas residents who require superior and first-class customer service. To access the services offered by the TX Farm Bureau, you are required to pay a membership fee. Moreover, you also need to acknowledge the fact that the insurance company does not have a web-based platform where you can get insurance quotes, but the TX Farm Bureau does offer the best prices in Austin, Texas.

6. AAA Insurance

The AAA insurance company offers excellent services to its members. That means you must register yourself as a member of the automotive club so that you can have the privilege of accessing all services offered by the AAA insurance company. Besides, getting an insurance cover for your car, registration of membership also comes with other benefits such as roadside assistance services, great discounts, and travel vouchers as well. All these services are offered to members for free.


Searching for the best auto insurance company in Austin, Texas is not an easy task. Especially if you are new to the insurance industry. However, with the help of this list, it will be easy for you to choose an insurance company that is reliable and offers quality services to its customers. Moreover, you can also compare the pricing of the insurance package you want so that you can be able to determine which auto insurance company has the best offer.

Photo by Kelson Downes from Pexels