CSS- The Complete Guide

Course Description

This is an ideal course for students who are learning CSS for the first time. It also covers some advanced lessons at the end of the course.

Topics included in the course – learn how to develop beautiful websites using CSS, use both basic and advanced CSS features, and understand the concepts clearly.

Key takeaways for students

understanding the theory and concepts behind CSS and its features, develop websites using CSS, and use advanced features easily.

Course Author

Manuel Lorenz, Maximilian Schwarzmüller

Course duration – 22.5 hours

Build Websites from Scratch

Course Description

This course teaches the essentials of CSS and how to become an expert web developer.

Topics included in the course

A thorough description of CSS and HTML, how to use different CSS codes to create websites, and develop a portfolio website using the codes learned.

Key takeaways for students

a complete understanding of CSS and HTML, how to build a beautiful webpage using CSS, and develop websites using unique features from CSS.

Course Author – Code College, Brad Hussey

Course duration – 6.5 hours

Build Responsive Websites with CSS and HTML

Course Description

This is a basic course for beginners so that they can learn about CSS, CSS3, HTML, and HTML5, and develop modern web designs.

Topics included in the course

Developing a website and optimizing it using CSS, simple guidelines that can help to make the website unique, and develop skills to make a website responsive.

Key takeaways for students

learning simple web design guidelines that can make their website look more beautiful, how to use jQuery tools, such as scroll effects and animations, etc.

Course Author – Jonas Schmedtmann

Course duration – 12 hours

Web Designing and CSS Essentials

Course Description

This course aims to teach students how to convert Photoshop designs into beautiful CSS and HTML websites.

Topics included in the course

how to use a Photoshop mockup and use CSS codes to implement it on a website.

Key takeaways for students – learn how to convert a PSD into a usable and valid CSS3 website.

Course Author

Code College and Brad Hussey

Course duration – 4 hours

Step By Step CSS for Absolute Beginners

Course Description

This course will help students learn CSS and HTML in detail so that they can create websites without any coding errors.

Topics included in the course – how to create a Coming Soon website, the codes to focus on while creating websites, and use CSS and HTML confidently.

Key takeaways for students

learn how to develop a website using simple CSS codes, intuitive understanding about how CSS words, and following the best CSS practices to develop websites.

Course Author – Kathleen Farley

Course duration – 4 hours

Ultimate CSS Grid Course

Class Description

it aims at helping students learn about CSS grid layouts and how to create and use them in Sass and CSS3 Flexbox.


Understanding the different CSS Grid specifications, advanced concepts of CSS Grid specs, properties of CSS grid layouts, etc.

Key Notes

how to create real-life grid layouts using CSS, understand CSS grid specifications in detail, in-depth knowledge about CSS grid complements and developing grid layouts quickly.

Course Author – Peter Sommerhoff

Course duration – 3 hours

CSS and HTML Tutorial and Projects Course

Learning Course

Web development using CSS for beginners and also learn HTML from scratch.

Topics included in the course – learning CSS and HTML from the beginning, creating real-life responsive projects using CSS and HTML, finding color palettes in CSS, etc.

Key Lessons

learning CSS and HTML from the start, using CSS grid layout modules, searching for custom fonts, free images, and color palettes, and developing responsive projects using CSS.

Course Author – John Smilga

Course duration – 44.5 hours

Responsive Web Design

Class Details

This course is for students who know the basics of CSS and HTML. It helps to build a coding foundation enabling students to develop a website.

Topics Included

Write CSS and HTML codes and combine the codes to develop a website.

Student Benefits

Learn the basics of the CSS box model, understanding and writing different CSS codes, and combining them to build a beautiful website.

Course Author – Andrew Eddy

Course duration – 5.5 hours

CSS Bootcamp

Action Based Learning

This is a project-based CSS tutorial that provides a hands-on approach to students on how to deal with different websites and also develop modern, responsive sites.

CSS Functions

Start with the basics of CSS and goes into the depth of the programming language, such as CSS combinators, box models, positions, inheritance, etc.

Learn about advanced CSS topics, such as transforms, transitions, backgrounds, animations, shadow effects, etc, align elements using different CSS modules like CSS Grid and Flexbox, and build beautiful websites using CSS codes.

Course Authors – George Lomidze, Lasha Nozadzeddy, and Code And Create

Course duration – 11.5 hours

1 hour CSS

The Basic Of Basics

Learn the basics of coding with CSS in one hour. This is a course for beginners who want to learn the essential features of CSS.

Topics included in the course – how to build a website using CSS, different codes and their effects on a website, design websites using CSS codes and add-ons, etc.

Code in your first hour.

 students will learn to code and develop their website in an hour after finishing this course. They will also learn the key features of CSS so that they can develop websites without any coding errors.

Course Author – John Bura

Course duration – 1 hour