BHOgart Extractor

This device is known as the first certified extraction unit to utilize propane and butane in the states of Colorado, Maryland, Nevada and Oregon. This extractor was developed over years of hard work by pioneers in the industry who are passionate about creating a safe and effective butane hash oil extraction unit which measures up to the highest standards.

Top 4 benefits of this entry level unit.

  • Powered by compressed air to eliminate the need of electricity.
  • The pneumatic piolet valve prevents over pressurization.
  • Vacuum pump purges all oxygen to prevent fire hazards
  • Long lasting durablilty and easy to rebuilt and maintain.

What is BHO (Butane Hash Oil)?

BHO is an extract that is produced using solvents like propane or butane or a mix of both. The solvent is used to remove the essential oils which include the CBD, THC, vitamins, terpenes, antioxidants, and other elements which can be used to create a very potent oil. Hash oil extraction is considered the most cost effective and efficient as well as being the best tasting.

Is BHO The Most Effective Extraction Method?

BHO can be extracted in less than an hour which makes it the fastest method available commercially. Other methods can take 8 to 10 hours to complete. The extraction industry is fast-paced and as you would expect, time is money. The more time it takes to extract the oil the fewer profits are available for the extraction business.

As well, the typical cost of a 5-pound extraction system for BHO is $35,000. That is considerably less than something like the supercritical CO2 extractor which can cost over $100,000. This means that the BHO system has a lower start-up cost and provides significant savings.

A Certified BHO Extraction System Is Safe

When compared to other methods the perpetually closed-loop BHO extraction system is used in a controlled lab environment which makes it very safe. This type of system uses very low pressure because the essential oils are able to easily attach to the hydrocarbon solvents. This requires no more than 150 psi. Other systems can you use more than 1,500 PSI up to over 8,700 PSI.

What Happens When A CO2 Tank That Is Highly Pressurized Fails?

Even though propane and butane are combustible a BHO extraction system is very safe when used in a Class 1, Division 1 Lab with certified extraction equipment. These are spark free and they can exchange air rapidly which means the cost of operation is about $15,000 when using a certified 5 lb BHO extraction system. Extraction systems that have been certified and meet the UL and ASME requirements are compliant throughout the US.

BHO Systems are Consumer Safe

These type of extraction systems reclaim almost all the propane and butane solvents as part of the process which means they are not released into the atmosphere and this makes them very consumer friendly and safe. As well, any remaining solvent is cooked in the post-processing. This is quite different then a propane BBQ grill you might use in the backyard.

Learn more about propane and butane extraction.

The cannabis and hemp along with the essential oil extraction results in an extract that’s delicious. This type of extraction method has won more awards than all the others combined. This extraction method is not new and the US Food and Drug Administration has already approved it.

As an example, hexane solvent is often used to process vegetable oil from corn, sunflower, soybeans, flax, cotton, and canola. This solvent is also used to extract shea butter, fish protein, and a number of different flavor extracts. They are some products you likely consume almost daily.

Final Thoughts About BHO

When this method is used together with professional extraction equipment and in a certified lab then it is by far the most efficient way to extract cannabis. It’s also cost-effective and extremely safe. It produces a terrific tasting product that is not harmful to the environment and extremely safe to enjoy and consume. It’s for these reasons that businesses prefer this equipment for their Labs over others and why consumers want this product over others. This extraction method is the winner by far when compared to all the others.

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