1. Icarus 2lb

This 2lb closed cloop hydrocarbon extractor performs high quality botanical extractions within a sealed and vacuumed system. Filled from the top with plant material, the solvent washes through the column and collects oil as it flows through the plant material. The oil-bearing solvent is funneled into the base under the column. After collection, the solvent is distilled and recovered, leaving the extracted oils in the collection base.


  • 10x10 welded bottom base
  • 10″ extractor lid (assembled)
  • 3″ x 36″ plant material column
  • 60″ high pressure PTFE braided SS hose
  • #30 LP tank
  • 10″ Clamp
  • (2) 3″ clamps
  • 1.5″ clamp with gaskets
  • Extra gaskets
  • Instruction manual


2. Apollo 5lb

How Much Plant Material Are You Working With?

Before purchasing a closed loop extractor, you’ll want to have a projection for the amont of plant material your team will be working with on a daily basis. Output levels differ from machine to machine depending on the amount of material which fits in the column.

The Apollo allows you to extract up to five pounds of plant material per run. This unit operates similar to the 2lb Icarus extractor.

3. Icarus 8.5lb

The Icarus is also available in the 8.5lb version. This machine is known for its dewaxing abilities.

4. Mercurius

This extraction unit features a 10 pound column, and the rack mounted design is what makes this extractor convenient to use. Its meant to run actively, and the CMEP-OL feature allows hot vapors to loop back to the top of the extraction to pressurize the extraction column and assist in the recovery process.

Top 5 features of the Mercurius

  • Recovery manifold
  • Removable column
  • Efficient dewaxing
  • Efficient cooling system
  • Small footprint

Understating the Functioning Of Closed Loop Extractors

Closed loop extractors have become insanely popular, especially because they have a vacuumed seal to separate the solvent from the outside air. Although the process of followed by the closed loop extractors are not new and had been previously used to extract food additives and essential oils, it is more recently being used in the cannabis industry to a great extent. Since CBD has been made legal in many countries and researches are being conducted to find out the health benefits of cannabis, the use of closed loop extractor has become very crucial.

One of the reasons why closed loop extractors have become so popular is that the process is a lot cleaner. In addition to being cleaner, this process is also a lot safer. That is why it is often used in medicinal facilities.

Using closed loop extractors


There are various parts of a closed loop extractor that make it a complete unit. The parts are: a refrigerant scale, a large tank with attached tube, a recovery pump, a refrigerant pump, and a recovery tank.

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If you want to make butane hash oil using this system, we suggest looking into an additional recovery tank and pump to create the vacuum oven.The cannabis concentrate is purged from the butane and added into the additional tank. You will also have to attach the pressurized solvent to the tube where you have kept all the cannabis. The clamps and valves in the unit will make sure that the solvent is always under a pressurized condition to give the desired output.

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When the solvent passes through to the plant material, the cannabinoids are extracted from the actual plant material. Many people use this extraction process for industrial hemp. The oil that is extracted during this process is collected in the recovery tank of the unit. The reason why this is a safe process is that the flammable solvents do not leak out as they are confined to the tank. This reduces the risks of possible fire hazards.

Features of closed loop extractors


Different manufacturers have come up with different designs for closed loop extractors but the basic features and functions are the same. The extraction process is the same that is mentioned above and if you are planning to buy one, here are some of the features that you should keep in mind.

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Material and jacketed column


These standard size of extraction column for each unit is typically included inside of your order. Do you want to ensure that you’re using the correct sizes of equipment for your machine? Then we suggest referring to the instruction manual included with your new machine, and double checking the size of the column that you’re using to ensure a fully operational and safe experience.

Collection of clamps, tanks, and glasses


Among the other parts that the closed loop extractor should have, typically each package comes with the required clamps, tanks and glasses required for a complete setup.

Working conditions


Apart from the parts, it is also important to check the operating conditions of the unit. Please refer to the instruction guide to read about the average temperatures your machine should remain at during use.

The concentrates that are extracted into the recovery tank are processed and manufactured by combining several extraction methods.

Different extraction methods used different chemical solvents or specific extraction agents such as butane, alcohol, dry ice, propane, or isobutene. These are used to separate the trichomes and also the resin from the cannabis plant. Trichomes are important because they improve the medicinal value of the cannabis plant. That is why manufacturers prefer to use high-quality cannabis so that they can extract the best concentrated oil that will be rich on trichome.

The butane that is extracted in the form of essential oils from the cannabis plants are not the same that you use for cooking or while camping. If you compare the butane that is used in the closed loop extractors to extract resins from cannabis, you will notice that they are absolutely odorless.

How to product high quality extracts?

We suggest that you use the most refined form of butane that you can find. That is another reason why this process is considered safer and healthier than all the other extraction methods.

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