Cannabidiol or CBD needs to be extracted from the cannabis plant before it can be used as an oil or in other products of therapeutic benefits. While it is possible to extract small amounts of full-spectrum CBD manually, this is very time consuming and may result in a contaminated product. This is where machines come in that are designed particularly for the extraction of CBD from the hemp or marijuana plants. One of the methods used in CBD extraction is known as CO2 extraction, which is designed to be solvent-free while extracting as much CBD and other cannabinoids as possible.

Super C Extractor

Made by OCO Labs, the Super C Extractor is one of the cheapest on the market. This is a relatively small extractor but does allow for additions to increase it’s output. The machine can produce pressures of 4500psi on 1oz, which makes it impressive for a small output machine. This one is not useable for large scale extraction but perfect for small extractions on a regular basis. This is a good starter model for those people wanting to do small scale CBD oil extraction.

The BOSS CO2 Extraction System

Made by Quadron Cannatech, the Boss CO2 Extraction system is designed to be accurate in extraction for a prolonged period of time, giving the same results on each run. This system eliminates manual controls to reduce loading and unloading times and making for a quicker process overall. Using this process should eliminate most of the manual labour that goes into CBD extraction and the extra speed should allow for 6 runs per day. Optimized streamlining and reduced need for supervision also means reduced costs. While the machine itself may be relatively expensive, the reduction in manpower required, reduced energy costs and increased runs per day, makes this a good option for larger operations. This is not suitable for small scale CBD extraction. The system is quite easy to use but works under very high pressures. The CO2 also needs extra safety measures for storage. No harmful solvents are used in this extraction method.

Apeks Supercritical CO2 System

This is one of the more expensive machines available but backs up the cost with some of the added benefits it offers. The Apeks Supercritical Force allows for supercritical and subcritical extractions, resulting in added terpene gain. This machine can process around 200lbs of biomass daily which makes it great for large scale extractions. It is fully automated but needs advanced scientific knowledge to run it properly. It is equipped with a storage stand for the CO2 but does have a higher energy consumption than many other similar machines. Suitable for commerce and large extractions only.

Cannabis SFE

Supercritical Fluid Technologies has created the Cannabis SFE which also works with the supercritical CO2 extraction method. How it works is that CO2 gas is put under extreme pressures as well as heat, turning it into a fluid. This, in turn, helps remove much more of the cannabinoids and other healthful materials from the plant than what is done through many other methods. This machine is also not useful for small extractions but more for small commercial or average scale extractions. There is no automation for loading and offloading with this machine, so manpower is required for this process. Its capacity is scalable and the pressures can be adjusted depending on whether cannabinoids or terpenes are being extracted. No harmful solvents are used and this machine is more versatile, allowing for add-ons to improve the functionality of the machine.

Hi-Flo FX2 20L 5K

The Hi-Flo™ High-Performance Series includes the FX2 which can process large quantities of biomass per day. Up to 107lbs can be processed daily. The machine has a closed-loop design which allows you to recapture around 95% of the CO2 used, which can be a big money saver as well. This machine is best suited for commercial use and needs a tightly controlled, well ventilated, laboratory-style environment in which to operate safely. This machine is energy efficient and has few inner workings that need to be maintained or replaced. This does require someone with extensive scientific knowledge to optimize and use correctly to get the most out of the machine. There is fast terpene capture with advanced the cup design having advanced oil integrity for improved processes and longevity. This machine does however not have as high a capacity as some of the comparative machines.

There are a number of other CO2 extraction machines on the market today but this list gives an idea of the disparity between the uses and the conditions required to use the machines. Once you have determined your need, manpower and environment as well as your budget, you can then look at all the other factors involved when it comes to choosing an extraction machine that will suit your needs.