There are hardly people as important as engineers today. With the rapid growth of all types of industries as well as the setting up of more, there are innovative ideas needed and people who can work on those ideas as well. In this respect, engineers are important in the new modern world.

Even though the field of engineering is challenging and daunting in so many ways, it usually pays off because not only is the field progressive but it is also a means to channel your creativity and innovativeness, to design something for the good of mankind. Although engineers have always been important, their importance has increased as of lately because of the gradual developments in society as far as technology is concerned.

Engineers are, therefore increasing in demand as well as in productivity. We need more great engineers so that their creative and innovative prowess can be channeled into the new society.

New York is probably one of the top engineering hubs of the world. There are top class engineers from all over the world working here, and some of the leading firms of engineers are located in New York. The engineering companies of New York provide amazing opportunities to the new minds as well. Six of these have been listed below:

  1. Bazini engineering

This is basically a mechanical engineering firm which is located in the greater New York City area and is currently one of the leading engineering firms of New York. The firm hires competitive mechanical engineers constantly and deals with the engineering component of developing steam heating systems and water heating systems.

Other than that, the firm also deals with designing systems used for the suppression of fires and emergency fire systems. The firm also deals with energy auditing and has a complete understanding of the New York rules and regulations as far as engineering is concerned. The firm has been in business since 2010 and has one of the best team with respect to hard work, versatility as well as qualification.

  • Barnum Mechanics

This firm has been operational for more than 20 years and has worked with the leading engineers of the world in both symbioses as well as by hiring them. The firm has worked on some of the most innovative projects throughout the US, especially within New York City.

They have worked on smaller projects as well as designing food and beverage packaging for companies of New York and have a thorough understanding of the New York engineering market. Some of the things that make Barnum Mechanics one of the leading New York engineering firms is its amazing approach towards customers, the innovative style of working, beautiful and proper attention to every detail, and amazing workmanship as well.

  • Lockheed Martin

The headquarter of Lockheed Martin is in New York and basically deals with the military part of mechanical engineering. It is responsible for providing a lot of military support including autonomous military underwater and terrestrial vehicles, military equipment and arsenals as well as laser weapons and various combat systems.

They also keep hiring fresh minds and therefore provide a lot of job opportunities for the new engineers. Because of their business with the US defense and Military sector, they are classes among the top engineering firms of New York.

  • Midpenn engineering

Midpenn engineering has been completely operational for more than 45 years and is probably one of the biggest engineering firms in the US as far as consumer experience, and manufacturing experience is concerned. It has been dealing in the government as well as the private sector for quite a long while and because of this reason, it is included in this list.

Furthermore, they have a time which firmly believes in critical thinking and innovation. The firm has the objective of providing the best services at a very cost effective approach so that everyone can get the best services. Moreover, the company is almost constantly hiring for its various branches, therefore, creating a diverse team with old and new minds working in symbiosis. 

  • Horizon engineering

This engineering firm has been operational for quite some time, and it is one of the leading engineering firms in the market today. It deals with the more mechanical side of engineering. Horizon engineering specializes in interior engineering and provides building analysis, air safety analysis, and building commissions. In addition to these, this firm also tabulates everything from water balancing to equipment testing and constructive administrations.

This firm has branches all over the US but is headquartered in New York and has been operational in New York for quite some time. It has some of the most formidable teams on board and keeps providing workshops as well as training programs to its team to hone it further.

  • Goldman Copeland association

They are an amazing firm that deals with both the private sector as well as public sector clients and provide the most stellar consulting engineering advice. They are one of the leading firms in New York because of their amazing work ethic. They have some of the most impressive engineers on board with the team, and therefore, it creates one of the most competitive teams in the New York engineering market.

They deal with almost every feature off New York engineering including renovations, pipelines, steam demand analysis, energy audits, health care facilities, etc. The firm keeps hiring fresh minds, and that increases the overall creativity pool of the company as well.


There are so many more engineering firms all across New York, creating a perfect working environment for new engineers and making New York a hub for engineers from across the globe.

The world today needs all the competitive engineers it can get, and all of the leading engineering firms in New York make sure that no proper talent ever goes to waste. The teams of these firms believe in providing the best services at the most nominal of prices, and that is another reason as to why they are included in our list.