It gives shape to our world. Everyone knows things like cars, computers, airplanes, and bridges are all products of imaginative engineering. But so are bubble gum, baseball bats, movie special effects, roller coasters, and synthetic human tissue replacements. Engineers have a hand in designing, creating, or modifying nearly everything we touch, wear, eat, see, and hear in our daily lives. Their innovations fuel economic growth, fortify national security systems, improve healthcare, and safeguard the environment.

An engineering education starts with a creative child’s first lesson in science or math. The teacher who delivers that lesson, and the lessons that follow, is an engineering educator, and our mission at ASEE is to help engineering educators do their jobs as well as they can. Especially now, with U.S. science and math learning in decline and technology increasingly driving global change, the job of delivering this education is harder, but more important, than ever.

The ASEE EngineeringK12 Center seeks to identify and gather in one place the most effective engineering education resources available to the K-12 community. From comprehensive data on outreach programs to career guidance materials to hundreds of links and readings related to engineering education, the ASEE EngineeringK12 Center offers immediately useful, easily accessible materials tailored to all parties with an interest in engineering education.