The Hempcrete Book: Designing And Building With Hemp-Lime

This 368-page book may not be the next Harry Potter, but it will teach you a whole lot about hempcrete. If you’re completely new to the subject and are looking for a launching point, then this is a great read. The book is useful for architects, builders, mixers, and anyone else who might encounter or use hempcrete on the job. It discusses how to mix variants of hemp-lime and how to best use these variants.


  • An excellent reference source for all things hempcrete-related
  • Fully illustrated


  • Not written with the DIY’er in mind

Building with Hemp

This book has 191 pages that cover a wide variety of hemp-based building concepts. Hempcrete is discussed frequently, but there are other hemp-based building products as well. Whether you’re an architect, a student, or a DIY’er with a green mindset; you’ll find something useful in this book. It’s not a detailed manual, but very educational nonetheless.


  • Great for professionals and DIY’ers
  • Covers a number of different hemp-based building strategies


  • Surprisingly expensive compared to the competition

Essential Hempcrete Construction: The Complete Guide

This book is named perfectly. It is simply a guide to building with hempcrete. It teaches you how to mix hempcrete and how to use it for construction or restoration. There are no extra bells and whistles or complicated theory to follow. And there’s no diversion to other hemp-based building materials. It’s all about hempcrete and it covers everything you need to know to get started.


  • Easy-to-read layout
  • Practical and to-the-point


  • Doesn’t cover any information beyond the basics

Bio-aggregate-based Building Materials: Applications To Hemp Concrete

Author: Wiley Publishing

This is the definitive textbook on the subject of hempcrete as well as other bio-aggregate-based building materials. This book should be on your shelves if you’re a civil engineering student, an architect, or someone who wants to understand hempcrete as fully as possible. As with most textbooks, it takes you from the very basics to some of the more complicated and theoretical applications. You’ll use the book to learn and you’ll continue to return to it in the future for reference.


  • 336 pages filled with information
  • Good for beginners and experts alike


  • The complex textbook format can be difficult to digest

How to Build A Hemp House

Hempcrete is only a small part of building a truly green building. It’s also only a small part of this book, which attempts to tackle all of the various components required to build a hemp house. This book is essentially a manual to building a hemp house, though you can still use the information presented for smaller projects.


  • Covers all of the steps needed to build an entire house
  • Excellent formatting and easy-to-read instructions


  • Only a small portion of the book is about hempcrete

Is Hempcrete The Next Big Thing?


As a planet, we’re all striving to move toward more eco-friendly solutions to problems. The use of hempcrete is one of those solutions. Hempcrete may never fully replace concrete in certain applications, but there’s no denying its usefulness in others. By learning more about hempcrete and using it in your own projects you are helping raise awareness and improve the world.




Hempcrete is just one of the many ways that hemp-based products are proving to be more valuable and eco-friendly than their alternatives. Hempcrete is primarily a mixture of hemp hurds, sand, and lime. This combination creates a substance very similar to concrete and it can be used for many of the same tasks, such as construction or insulation. It actually has many benefits over traditional concrete in most applications.

If you’re interested in learning more about hempcrete, how it’s made, or how you can use it, then you should turn to the online selection of books sold through Amazon.