Let’s begin with in-kitchen extractors, and then end with garage and warehouse size extractors, shall we?

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What is cannabis extraction?

Depending on the extraction method you’re using, the process may be easy or complex. If you’re using an in-home extraction machine, then you will be able to quickly and easily turn your buds into a full spectrum oil.

A cannabis plant is a very tricky plant to grow and farm for high cannabinoid yields. Use these cannabis extraction machines to infuse turn your herbs into oil, concentrate or budder. If you want to maintain healthy lungs and live an energetic life, then we suggest using edible cannabis products instead of smoking them.

Engineers continue to develop cutting edge equipment for people to easily turn cannabis plant into potent cannabis extracts. Here are several cannabis extractors to choose from.


Using an industrial size machine may help you concentrate the cannabinoids from your hemp plant into a potent, crystalized dose. When the cannabinoid concentrate passes 80%, then your extraction will begin to crystallize. Heating the extraction with a blow dryer or a warm oven will dissolve the crystals into a liquid state.

Crude to isolate cannabis extraction contains chemical solvents, and will collect the small percentage of cannabidiol remaining in hemp biomass. Tons and tons of hemp biomass (which is essentaially the scrap of cannabinoid collection) is required to collect one kilogram of CBD isolate.

Why is extraction done?

Extraction of cannabis is vastly implemented throughout the world to extract cannabis oil. By isolating cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, we may increase the potency per miligram of product. By increasing the cannabinoid concentration from 40% to 75%, ingesting 100mg gram of each solution may display dramatically different user effects. The purity of the cannabinoid compounds will determine the quality of your experience and the magnitude of the cannabinoids in your body.

Types of cannabis extractions:

Cannabis extraction can be done in a variety of ways. It can be solvent based or solventless. The solvent based extraction is a little more complex, but it produces a higher quality extract with more concentration of potent compounds whereas the solvent-less extraction is a little more simple and easier but the extract produced is of lesser concentration.

Extractors for your storage, warehouse or garage:

While looking for a way to turn your cannabis into oil, one should keep many factors in mind. Here are ten such devices which are extremely efficient in turning cannabis into the extract.

The Source Turbo (Alcohol Extractor)

This extractor is an extremely efficient way to turn your cannabis into the extract. It is small and can easily fit into a small space on the kitchen counter or upon the kitchen table. It extracts the cannabis oil with a solvent, and that solvent is alcohol. Its price ranges from almost 599 to 649 dollars depending upon the source. However, it can only extract a small amount of oil at a particular time; this is better for personal use.

The Hi-Flo FX2 (CO2 Extraction)

This extractor is not only expensive but also requires space as well. However, it uses carbon dioxide to provide quick, efficient and toxin free oil. It does not take forever to purify the oil at all. The FX2 also acts as a purifying agent and therefore kills unnecessary toxins and increases the shelf life of the oil.

Icarus 21 B

This extractor is one of the best closed loop hydrocarbon extractor in the market. It is solvent based, but due to the closed-loop system it has the ability to regenerate the solvent by filtering it continuously. After filtration, the oil left behind in the base of the extractor is the cannabis oil. The oil is toxin free too as it is produced inside a vacuum chamber.

ABLAZE mini, closed loop extractor

This is also a closed loop extractor which uses CO2, (Carbon dioxide) to produce the cannabis extract. It is one of the most pocket-friendly extractors in the market, with the price at only 399$. It also converts the plant material to extract through a closed loop. It can be placed anywhere within the house, but it also fits in little material at a time.


This is very convenient and easy to use closed-loop extractor. It has a 10-pound body only, and that body is further mounted on a rack, making it easier to use. It is based on the regenerative principle of heat mechanism. In it, the hot vapors of solvent circle back to pressurize new material.

MED Xtractor

This extractor is also a closed loop, full spectrum, carbon dioxide based extractor which is used to extract cannabis oil from the plant material. This extractor is one of the best in the market and can even remove mold from the actual plant material. The extractors are pocket-friendly and inexpensive as well.

ASAHI rotary evaporator

This extractor uses solvent-based cannabis extraction to form cannabis oil. It uses alcohol as a solvent instead of Carbon Dioxide. In this extractor, the chlorophyll molecules of the plant material are kept intact which results in a more fresh and colorful final product. The only downside is that it is expensive and also somewhat large.

Apeks Supercritical CO2 System

This is easily one of the most famous as well as efficient cannabis extractor which is available on the market. Its price range is almost 40,000$, and thus you will have to get a loan just to afford this device. But it is easily worth more than the cost. It purifies and produces the most flavorful extract. Every function of the machine is remote controlled and monitored.

The Super C Extractor

This extractor is one of the best means of producing high-grade cannabis oil at home. It used carbon dioxide as the solvent and also produced some of the highest quality cannabis oil efficiently at home. It is small and portable and can easily fit on a tabletop or on a counter. Therefore, there is no need for special spacing for it. The price range is also nominal and ranges from about 3900$ to 4000$. It, however, needs a continuous supply of carbon dioxide; thus the solvent source is important.

PX1 (butane/propane extractor)

This extractor works brilliantly and does a lot of work easily. It requires nominal space to work. Moreover, the extractor uses hydrocarbons such as propane and butane in the extracting process. And at the end of the extraction, it regenerates the solvent and provides us back with it. However, this extractor does need a little space to work.


Cannabis extracts are a better and healthier alternative to using actual dried cannabis leaves. This is because the extract after the extraction process is a toxin-free, golden, oil-like liquid that has no deteriorative effects at all. Microbial waste products and germs are also killed during the process of extraction, and therefore, it is a better alternative than using directly crushed cannabis leaves.