Ice water extraction methods are some of the simplest and contaminant-free methods of extracting cannabinoids. The one drawback is the filtering and also the reduced amount of product available using this method. It basically consists of soaking the plant material with ice water, separating the cannabinoids from the herb which then gets processed through a variety of filter bags to gain a useable end product.

Eberbach Model E5703

There are fewer ice water extraction machines available than with many of the other extraction methods. The Eberbach Model E5703 was designed by Eberbach in conjunction with Mountain High Suckers as a commercial method of ice water extraction. The process is safe and eliminates the use of chemicals or solvents that would otherwise need to be removed at the end of the process. This machine can process 1lb to 1.5lb of material every hour and the resultant product should comply with FDA guidelines if the manual is followed correctly. While this machine is not yet at the level required for commercial extraction, it is a safe and easy to use option for small scale extractors. The full methodology is still being developed and the company is still experimenting to provide a machine that is cheap to run and provides an uncontaminated product. This process is fairly slow and there are no add-ons for this machine as yet to scale up production. This is one to watch for the small to medium extractor at this point and has the potential for commercial use sometime in the future.

Made from stainless steel, and food-grade materials, the Eberbach machine is designed to be easy to use and easy to clean to reduce risk of contamination of the end product. The water and ice used are chilled, disinfected and filtered for cleanliness. This may be a safe option for people who require larger amounts of product for therapeutic uses. It may also be a viable option for commercial use in the future if the company is able to create a machine that can process larger amounts of biomass over a standard shift.