The KPD Series: The Evolution Of Extraction


While the hemp and cannabis industries continue to mature, processors and producers start to struggle to meet the growing demand for high-quality CBD and THC oil (such as isolate, crystalline, distillate, and full spectrum), as well as maximizing the internal efficiencies.

The KPD series is one of the continuous feed extraction plants customized for cannabis and hemp input to process CBD and THC distillate. It has become the ideal solution for mega cannabis producers looking to meet high cannabis processing requirements.

Processing Capabilities


Commercial batch processing, a procedure involving the manual loading and unloading of extraction equipment, is useful but has a processing limit of approximately 700 kilograms per day for raw cannabis.

Scaling production refers to the addition of equipment and personnel for the one-to-one order processing, meaning it can increase the volumes being processed. Therefore, the need for a scaled industrial processing capacity using continuous and effective feed extraction and post-processing solutions is required. Enter the KPD Series – the ideal solution for cannabis producers working in large order processing situations. For instance, using heptane, ethanol or hexane as a solvent – the 1500 KPD can process approximately 1,500 kilograms of cannabis material or raw hemp per day.

The KPD Series is a continuous feed extraction plant created specifically for cannabis and hemp input when processing CBD and THC distillate. For instance, as in the example mentioned above, when using heptane, hexane or ethanol solvent the 1500 KPD can prepare a maximum amount of 1,500 kilograms of cannabis material or raw hemp daily.

The automation and continuous flow featured in the KPD Series is advantageous to the throughput capabilities. The core system of the plants requires only a few technicians to operate, which is a significant improvement over the large batch production options which do not come close to an output of the KPD Series.



According to statistics, the KPD design is one of the most scalable CBD extractors, meeting the majority of demand needs, regardless of whether it is high processing of materials or input of biomass per day. In addition to the 1500 KPD design, it is possible to obtain larger KPD processing solutions including the 3000, 6000 and 12000 models.

Over one year in the making, the Precision engineering group designed the ideal KPD Series for processing hemp and cannabis materials. Certain systems within the KPD Series are pending patents, such as the propriety filtration system and the counter-current ethanol-based extraction system. However, both of these systems are scaled in the technologies exclusive to the KPD Series.

It is important to note that the KPD Series was developed with the issue of scalability in mind. The technology can be included in larger systems of almost any size; therefore, the larger 3000 KPD, for instance, can provide 3,000 kilograms of cannabis material or raw hemp processing daily. This scalability is limitless making future KPD systems able to process hundred tons of material daily.

Precision® KPD Series Extraction Plants Overview


The KPD Series Extraction Plants is a series of extraction plants that have been designed to specifically meet the needs of the growing hemp and cannabis business. Precision® has designed the KPD Series to be scalable and flexible enough to meet the needs of industrial processors in the cannabis industry.

As such, depending on the processor’s needs, there is the 1000 KPD which has been designed to process 1,000 kilograms of biomass input of cannabis per day. There is also the 3000 KPD which can process 3,000 kilograms of raw cannabis or hemp every single day. Precision® also intends to design future iterations of the KPD Series to process an even larger amount of throughput per day to the tunes of 12,000 kilograms of raw cannabis and hemp.

In a nutshell, the KPD Series has been designed with scalability as a core characteristic.

The Core Extraction Technology Used In The KPD Series

The KPD Series of extraction plants features some innovative designs and system. Precision® has pending patents systems implemented into the plant that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of THC and CBD extraction. Some of the advanced systems incorporated into the system include the counter-current extraction system. This system makes use of ethanol, heptane, or hexane as a solvent in the extraction process.

Another revolutionary technology incorporated into the KPD Series includes is a propriety filtration. Patent-Pending filtration has been designed to improve the purity of the product.

Notable Precision® KPD Series Extraction Plants Features

Aside from the extraction technologies incorporated into the KPD Series of extraction plants, the KPD Series also feature additional features that improve the productivity of the plant.

#1. The Continuous Feed Extraction System – This series of extraction plants feature a continuous feed extraction system that is specifically designed and optimized for cannabis and hemp needs. This system contributes to the enormous throughput that these plants come with. Moreover, it reduces the number of technicians needed to operate the plant.

#2. Degassing, Distillation, and Crystallization Equipment – The plants come with right-sized degassing, distillation, and even crystallization equipment that is designed to meet the needs of processors depending on the end use of the product. As such, the plant is capable of producing THC and CBD isolate, distillate, and even crystalline as per the producers’ needs.


Precision® has designed the KPD Series extraction plants to meet several standards in the industry. Importantly, the company has compliance certificates for the same. The KPD Series has been designed to be compliant to the following standards:

– International Fire Code 2015
– National Fire Protection Code(58, 100)
– American Society of Mechanical Engineers Section XIII
– International Mechanical Code 2015
– International Building Code 2015
– GMP, GPP, and cGMP
– National Electrical Code (NFPA 70)

Precision® spent over a year developing this series of THC and CBD extraction plants. Their intended goal was to improve THC and CBD extraction plant efficiency while increasing processing capacity and capability.

The Precision® KPD Series has, therefore, been designed to be a far better system than anything currently used in the industry. Importantly, the scalability of the plant means processors can attain the production capacity that currently suits their needs while reserving the possibility of increasing their production capacity in the future.