The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was established in 1861 as a private research university. Since its inception, the institution has become home to a multitude of programs including engineering.

Key Details

  • 256 Full-Time Professors on Campus
  • 54% of MIT Students Study Engineering
  • Critically Acclaimed Program
  • 30,000+ Alumni-Based Companies
  • Located in Cambridge (Massachusetts)


1. Cutting-Edge Curriculum

It begins with a cutting-edge curriculum, which is regularly enhanced based on modern technologies. MIT never lags behind when it comes to the educational opportunities available on its premises. This is why it’s appreciated by academics across the planet. When it comes to engineering and harnessing the power it has to offer, MIT is always on top of its game.

The curriculum is detailed, modern, and in line with industry standards of education. This sets it apart when compared to other institutions in America.

2. Acclaimed Professors

Since MIT brings in bright minds from around the world, it’s also home to the finest professors too. With 200+ full-time professors, students are able to learn about a variety of topics associated with engineering. It’s a wonderful way to dig deeper into the subject and all that it has to offer. Students are able to pick up projects, learn alongside the best, and truly understand what engineering is all about.

3. Tremendous Facilities

Let’s not forget about the facilities.

MIT is a wonderfully designed institution that has been updated every year to match the needs of its students. These facilities are spacious, high-tech, and work in sync with the robust engineering program.

Students will enjoy spending their time in the labs or on campus grounds as they walk around soaking in everything MIT has to offer. It can be quite an experience!

4. Fantastic Alumni Network

A university is often associated with its facilities and curriculum, but the alumni network is an unheralded feature of a top-tier institution. MIT hits the nail on the head with its amazingly deep network of alumni-based connections including well-acclaimed companies worldwide. This network can make it easy to land high-paying jobs and build meaningful connections as a student.

Being able to leverage this network into new opportunities is one of the main advantages of a top-rated university. MIT has been around for over a century and this has allowed it to become a world-famous option for the brightest minds. As a result, the network continues to grow every single year.


1. Expensive

The price of quality is high as tuitions can range from $51,520 (before boarding fees). This is an exceptional investment into one’s education but comes with a number of rewards including the MIT tag. Having a well-established engineering degree from MIT is going to hold sway in the job market and can immediately open up high-paying opportunities.

Final Verdict

MIT is an established name among academics and has earned critical acclaim for its robust engineering program. With exceptionally talented scholars, high-tech facilities, and an extensive curriculum, prospective engineers cannot go wrong here. It’s one of the finest engineering programs in the world and rightly so.