Dealing with the problem of snow and ice is typically a daunting task. Whatever solution that you rely on to keep your roof, downspouts, gutters, walkways and your driveway clear of snow and ice has its drawbacks and demerits. No one solution meets all the requirements (affordability, effective, time-efficient, environmentally friendly, and easy to use) of a snow and ice management system. Typically, homeowners and business owners have had to give one or more of these requirements whenever they choose one solution.

This is the challenge that CP Industries, LLC tried to overcome when they designed Premiere® Ice Melter – an advanced ice and snow management product. This granulated snow and ice salt has been formulated to strike the perfect balance of all performance requirements. It has been expressed to be environmentally friendly, practical, easy to use, and very efficient.

While it is not the perfect snow and ice management solution, it is far more effective than many other solutions. Herein we will review the Premiere® Ice Melter, delving into its innovative formulation and how you can use this product to manage snow and ice around your premises effectively.

Ingredients And Composition


This ice and snow melt product contains Sodium Chloride and Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA) as the main ingredients. However, the product also has the patented Pro-Tec Plus ingredients, which further improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the products. The combination of these ingredients creates a snow melting product that is soluble.

As such, the salt easy to wash away when used in driveways and walkways. Furthermore, being soluble reduces instances of tracking back the salt indoors, as is usually the case with caustic salt. The formula is also very gentle on the environment. It is noncorrosive to driveways, whether concrete or asphalt. You need not worry about this salt eating and tearing away your driveway.

On the performance front, the salt is valid up to -8F. These are far colder temperature than the typical snow melting salts can handle.

Is Premiere® Ice Melter Hazardous?


Premiere® Ice Melter meets all the USDA 1998 C1 Guidelines. Moreover, it is EPA DFE certified. It readily meets biodegradable standards as per ASTM or OECD Standards. As such, it not hazardous and it is nontoxic. It does not have extensive negative impacts on the soil, the animals, the users, and the surroundings.

Using Premiere® Ice Melter

For the best results from this salt, homeowner and business owners need to use the salt in the best way possible. While the salt has been engineered to be far more effective than other snow melting slats on the market, you one can only accrue its benefits by using the salt the right way.

#1. Using The Salt For Preventive Measures

You can use the salt as a preventive measure, to reduce the amount of snow that accumulates around your driveway, walkway, roof, the gutters, your backyard, or any other place that needs snow and ice management. To this end, sprinkle the salt in the area of interest before the snowfall. For instance, in the case of your driveway, you can spray the salt at night before going to bed.

In doing this, you reduce the overall amount of snow and ice that accumulates on the area of interest. Importantly, the salt works to negate the extent to which the ice and snow attach to the surfaces the salt has been applied to. For instance, if you have sprinkled the salt around your driveway, the salt will prevent snow and ice from attaching to the concrete or asphalt.

Consequently, when it comes time to pry the ice from the concrete or asphalt surface, it is a far easier task than would otherwise be. You spend less time shoveling ice and snow as it is easier to work on.

#2. Using The Salt To Melt Snow And Ice

Aside from using this melting salt as a preventive measure, you can use to get rid of snow and ice. This is the primary use of this product. Since the salt can work up to -8F, property owners can use the product to get rid of accumulated snow and ice. To get rid of this snow and ice, sprinkle and spread the salt as you would with any other ice melter.

For a better experience, it is advisable to use the salt as a preventive measure as well as to deal with any accumulated snow and ice.

Personal Protection When Using Premiere® Ice Melter

While the salt is classified as non-toxic and non-hazardous, it is of critical importance to always take precaution whenever using snow melting salts. As such, when applying the chemical, make sure you wear all the necessary protective gear, including and especially gloves. Avoid the product coming into contact with the skin and the eyes. Furthermore, do not inhale mist, gas, and vapors. It is also recommended that users avoid large concentrations of the salt in small confined areas.