What Is The Sauce?

“The Sauce” is a term used in the cannabis extraction industry to define the unique combination of THCa and terpenes that’s characteristic for each specific variety of cannabis plants. The Sauce is also known as “high terpene full spectrum extraction” and it is nothing else but pure cannabis concentrate with a powerful flavor.

The consequence of such high purity is that the Sauce may contain naturally occurring THCa crystalline structures. When properly extracted, the Sauce is the best representation of the plant, its natural fingerprint, its signature. By preserving the cannabinoid and terpene content as close to the natural one as possible, you’ll capture the very essence of the plant, in a top-notch, premium quality product, that’s always going to be in high demand.

Why Do People Love Terp Sauce?

The Sauce is the undisputed leader of the concentrate market. In well established markets, it can bring as much as $30-$60 dollars per gram. In emerging markets, the price can be even higher. The production secret is extremely well guarded by those who have it. This can lead to further price increases, thus disrupting even the oldest markets in the world. Implementing the most advanced methods and technologies is the best way to thrive and to flourish in such markets. There’s no other sensitive choice than go big or go home.

The Manufacturing Process

In order to make Sauce, you have to start from very high grade, fresh frozen material. The primary extraction process makes use of a low boiling point solvent. Everything happens at sub-zero temperatures. This helps preserving the naturally occurring cannabinoids and the terpenes within the plant.

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Next, a single solvent deep dewax helps removing the fats and the lipids from the mix, hence purifying the extract even further.

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The last part of the process is the recovery. As it only uses a mild amount of heat, it doesn’t affect the natural structure of the terpenes and cannabinoids. What’s left after the solvent recovery is nothing else but a high terpene, cannabinoids rich, flavorful concentrate which is known as “the sauce.”

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Terp Sauce vs. Distillate

These are two differing qualities of extracts. Terp sauce contains cannabinoids in their purest form, these appear as a crystalline form. There are terpenes which surround the crystals which are the source of flavor and fragrance. Our favorite part about terp sauce extracts is the terpene and cannabinoid combinations which are unique to every strain of cannabis. Terp sauces are commonly used with a glass or electronic dab rig.

Distillate on the other hand, is a very thick substance which flows slowly if the container is turned upside down. The terpenes and cannabinoids are mixed together and often these extracts have no crystals. Distillate is used in vape cartridges and manufacturers create what’s called a ‘crystal resistant distillate’ which means the formula isn’t concentrated enough to solidify within the cartridge and stifle the vaping experience.

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