These tutorials are made for everyone to be able to learn Java programming language. Can be if use to beginners and even seasoned experienced developers. Java has been voted to be the world’s number one programming language for another consecutive year. This is according to the TIOBE index.

Knowing java is a dynamic and robust skill to have. It compliments your resume and you are definitely able to stand out among many. People are looking for ways to acquire the skills through many ways. People have set up online tutorials to help people who are interested in learning the programming language. Here are some of the top 10 online tutorials that will help you learn Java in no time.

Linkedin Java Tutorials

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The first place goes to LinkedIn Learning Java Tutorials. LinkedIn Learning is more of a big library, it features a range of java tutorials. There are tutorials for beginners and even experienced developers who would like to master their skill. The tutorials cover the basics to java programming such as flows, syntax and various ways to notice and get rid if errors in your project.

After the basics there are tutorials that have the option of learning complex concepts. These concepts include object-oriented programming like encapsulation and inheritance. The tutorials are comprehensive and well done. They feature four sections after each section there are quizzes to test your new earned knowledge. One tutorial on average lasts up to 2 hours or 2 hours 30 minutes.

LinkedIn offers a special free one month trial for new users. Pricing after that is $2.77.

Pluralsight Java Online Bootcamp

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Pluralsight is an online bootcamp that offers online Java programming courses. The courses in Pluralsight are split into three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. This is a particularly good option as you can get to learn what you need according to the level you are.

There are 15 courses, these courses give insight on how to build, deploy and scale programs using the Java programming language. All 15 courses have details on basics that are required for one to become a java developer. Each course is split into sections, after each section, the course has quizzes to do and challenges to complete before proceeding to the next section.

The courses also include some audio visual content bundled up with extra study materials for in depth detailed learning. The courses vary in length and one course on average lasts for 2 hours and 40 minutes. Pluralsight offers a 10 day free trial program. After the trial program, users are charged $35 each month.


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If you are a complete beginner and you are completely clueless about java and what it entails, then the next option is for you. Codecademy has free Java programming courses for beginners. They teach on the basics of the language. At the end of the course, a student completes simple projects like a classroom grade analyzer and building a simple car payment calculator. Codecademy course has four quizzes in between sections and seven projects to be completed.


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Udemy is a great collection of resources relating to all things tech. Udemy Is an online course provider, they currently feature more than 100 free java courses and more than a 1000 paid courses. The site allows you to choose which level you are and filter material to show material relevant to you. You can choose between beginner, intermediate and expert levels. Udemy is user friendly and easy to use with a lot of resources.



Learnjava provides online java courses to learn the language. It offers very interactive and easy to understand tutorials even for beginners who have no clue. The courses are free. They offer courses for beginners all the way to experienced and seasoned programmers. Tutorials can be found online on their site and you are not required to install or download anything. Tutorials are broken down into 8 basic courses for beginners and 10 courses for advanced developers.


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EdX is an online platform that offers courses from renowned companies and universities. The platform features courses from The University of Carlos III Madrid (UC3M), Microsoft, Hong Kong University of Science And Technology (HKUST) and other top universities in the world. The courses offered are self paced, this means that you go by your pace with no deadlines whatsoever. You don’t have to wait for any enrollment and you can join any time. The platform is free.



A software development firm known as Oracle provides free online java tutorials for anyone willing to learn. They feature courses for programmers willing to learn Java and beginners. The tutorials are mostly practical based. This prompts users to create applications easily as well as learning the basics. The courses are grouped into ‘trials’, these trials cover basic knowledge and progress to specialised lessons. Oracle also features tutorials on how to create your own GUI (Graphical User Interface).


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Skillshare is an online platform that offers users the opportunity to learn Java for free. They have extensive courses that are suitable for both beginners and experts who are looking into learning a new skill. The tutorials are short as 15 minutes and others are longer lasting for about an hour. The website has various courses to choose from, you can get to see reviews from each course to decide which course is suitable for you. They also offer a platform where any developer can upload their own tutorials which will be featured on their site.


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Codementor is a place where you are able to get courses, tutorials, tips and tricks around java programming. The site is free and offers all these services free of charge. It also has direct links to the courses that you choose. It also shows a list of developer tools for users to consider.

Java Code Geeks

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Java Code Geeks is an online based community of Java developers. It also acts as an online resource center for anything related to Java. It features tutorials from basic to advanced level programming. The tutorials have detailed guides complied with audio visuals for detailed learning. There are also an array of ebooks, news and reviews.