Complete Python Bootcamp

Course Description

 It is always wise to enroll in a training program that provides comprehensive lessons about Python. This course starts from the point of view of a beginner and ends on a professional note. Jose Portilla, the author, manages to include all the essential topics of Python in this 24-hour course.


Key takeaways for students

Students will learn in detail about how to use Python, the core concepts of Python 2 and Python 3, using object-oriented programming with Python, understand how to develop GUIs in a Jupyter Notebook System, and create games and apps using Python.

Course Author

Jose Portilla

Course duration – 24 hours

Python for Machine Learning and Data Science

Course Description

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming the need of the hour these days. But to implement these technologies, one has to know the fundamentals of Python and how to apply it in data science and machine learning.

Topics included in the course

This course from Jose Portilla explores the different ways to use Pandas, Tensorflow, Scikit-Learn, Plotly, Matplotlib, Seaborn, and many more. Students will learn Python plotting, along with K-Means clustering, neural networks, and various other coding techniques using Python.

Key takeaways for students

a complete understanding of CSS and HTML, how to build a beautiful webpage using CSS, and develop websites using unique features from CSS.

Course Author – Jose Portilla

Course duration – 22.5 hours

The Python Mega Course

Course Description

As the name suggests, this course includes almost everything that one should know about Python. It starts with the basics and then moves on to advanced lessons. Students also learn 10 incredible professional Python programs that they would eventually use in real-life.

Topics included in the course

How to create database apps, visualize and analyze data, create website blockers, create geocoding web apps, developing a portfolio website, and also publishing it on a server, using Python to schedule programs

Key takeaways for students

Develop database skills which will be critical for your success in your professional Python career.

Course Author – Ardit Sulce

Course duration – 23.5-hour

Learning Python for Visualization and Data Analysis

Course Description

Python is not only used to develop apps and sites but also for data analysis. This course introduces students to the many facets of Python, especially the part that teaches them how to visualize, analyze, and present data. included in this online course are sample codes and examples to make sure students understand the lesson easily.

Topics included in the course

After completing the course, students will be able to use their numpy library that helps to create and manipulate different arrays, use a Panda module to generate structured data, develop a portfolio on various data analysis projects.

Course Author

Jose Portilla

Course duration – 21 hours

Learn Python Programming Masterclass

Course Description

This is a beginner’s course that aims to teach the fundamental concepts of Python programming language. Students who can’t afford to spend months learning about Python

Key takeaways for students

Students will be creating programs using Python and learn how to perform object-oriented programming and understand the differences between Python 2 and Python 3

Course Author – Jean-Paul Roberts and Tim Buchalka

Course duration – 42 hours

Python and Django Bootcamp

Class Description

Python and Django are two secret ingredients that help to develop responsive websites. in this comprehensive course, discusses how to use Python codes to develop web applications, creating unique landing pages, make the most of Bootstrap to style sites and implement Python codes on model view templates.


In this course, students will learn website building using Django, Python 3, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, CSS, and HTML.

Course Author – Jose Portilla

Course duration – 32 hours

The Python Bible

Learning Course

Students who are enthusiastic to know everything about Python will find this course highly valuable.

Key Lessons

The training includes 11 projects that students will have to complete. Learn with hands-on experience on how to use Python codes to create programs using logic and data structures. The course also introduces students to the techniques of using loops to save time, improve efficiency, and maximize productivity.

Course Author – Ziyad Yehia

Course duration – 9 hours

Python for Algorithmic Trading and Financial Analysis

Class Details

Python is not limited to developing websites. Many developers also use it to create algorithmic trading and financial analysis apps.

Topics Included

Gain an understanding about quantopian, matplotlib, pandas, numpy, and many more programs related to Python. These will help to create custom plots, work with a variety of numerical data, use moving averages, calculate financial statistics like cumulative returns, daily returns, volatility, visualize and analyze data.

Student Benefits

The financial industry is filled with opportunities to make a living because many institutions need programmers skilled at Python!

Course Author – Jose Portilla

Course duration – 17 hours

The Ultimate Python Programming Tutorial

Action Based Learning

This program aims to teach the basics of Python. It is for beginners and also offers a Certificate of Completion. Students will be able to learn real-life programming skills that will help to develop responsive websites and apps.

Python Functions

After completing this course, students will grasp all the core concepts and fundamental properties of Python in a nutshell.

Course Authors – Infinite Skills

Course duration – 6 hours

Complete Python Web Course

The Basic Of Basics

Learn how to design and develop engaging websites and web applications using Python. Apart from Python, students will also learn to develop applications using databases from MongoDB.

Take Aways

This course is one of the most popular because it not only covers the core concepts but also advanced lessons on how the internet works from the point of view of a developer.

Course Author – Jose Salvatierra

Course duration – 15.5 hours