Complete C# Online Course

Course Description

This course aims to teach students the C# codes that help to develop games. It uses Unity Developer 2D to design games for the web.

This course includes topics like how to become a pro C# programmer by using the Unity game engine, building a solid foundation for game development, developing transferable codes that help in solving problems, and so on.

Students will be able to develop games, transfer their codes to .NET and various other languages, and learn C# from scratch.

Course Author

Created by experts Ben Tristem and Rick Davidson.

Course duration – 35 hours

C# Basics for Beginners Online Program

Course Description

As the name suggests, this is a basic course on C#. It teaches the fundamentals of C# in approximately 5 hours, and the course is affordable for everyone!

Created by C# expert, Mosh Hamedani, this course includes topics that will teach students the basics of C# and how to start coding in this language. It gives them a proper framework for working with primitive and non-primitive types, expressions, classes, enums, arrays, and many more. Students will also learn the difference between references and values and debug C# applications effectively.

Course Author – Mosh Hamedani

Course duration – 5 hours

C# Intermediate Online Training

Course Description

This course is for students who have basic knowledge about C# and know how to code.

Topics included in the course

It will help students learn more about working with fields, constructors, methods, indexers, and classes. Once they finish the course, students will be able to develop extensible and testable applications using interfaces, understand inheritance issues, and change application behavior.

Course Author – Mosh Hamedani

Course duration – 5.5-hours

C# Advanced Topics Course

Course Description

This course prepares students for technical interviews. Those who are planning to appear for job interviews where they expect questions on C#, they should enroll for this course.

Topics included in the course

Confusing C# topics including Lambda Expressions, Delegates, Async, Await, LINQ, and Events. This course breaks each of these parts down lucidly so that students can understand the concept easily

Course Author

 Mosh Hamedani

Course duration – 3 hours

Programming Design Patterns in C#

Course Description

C# includes a lot of design patterns, and this course aims to teach students about these designs in detail. This course is for students who know how to code in C#.

Key takeaways for students

Students will be able to refactor existing designs using design patterns with C# and will learn to recognize and apply different design patterns wherever necessary.

Course Author – Dmitri Nesteruk

Course duration – 15-hours

Coding Xamarin Forms

Class Description

C# is useful in developing native cross-platform apps. With both web-based and mobile apps becoming popular, students will find numerous vacancies for jobs in this category.


This course will teach students how to develop native mobile apps for iOS, Windows, and Android using C#

Key Notes

Once students finish this course, they will be able to build UI using C# code and XAML, implement navigation on multi-page apps, implement the model-view architectural pattern, work with images, understand the basics of Xamarin Forms and how they work, and develop setting pages and forms.

Course Author – Mosh Hamedani

Course duration – 7.5 hours

Complete C# Masterclass

Learning Course

This is an advanced C# course meant for students who want to explore more of this programming language. Students can expect to handle coding errors, work with texts and files, and use Lambda and Linq after completing this course.

Key Lessons

It includes topics, such as Collections, Linq, Databases, WPF, and developing games using Unity. Students not only learn about object-oriented programming but also how to implement methods, conditions, loops, variables, and develop video games using Unity 3D and C#.

Course Author – Denis Penjuta

Course duration – 29 hours

Learning for C# Developers

Class Details

This is one of the basic courses on C# that teach students the art of writing clean code.  

Topics Included

teaches students a lot about the differences between workable and non-workable codes, identify smells in a code, decompose long methods and make them maintainable, design accurate signature for different methods

Student Benefits

It aims to help students learn different techniques of how to write better C# codes and be confident in interviews.

Course duration – 3.5 hours

Programming C# for Complete Beginners

Action Based Learning

C# is a crucial programming language used to develop websites, apps, and games. This course is for students who want to start a career in IT and programming.

C# Functions

Study the fundamentals of C#, how to manipulate variables, organize codes in their related classes, create methods for readability and code reuse, and create applications that can run in consoles. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn about C# from scratch.

Course duration – 6.5 hours

Coding in Microsoft C#

Certification Preparation.

This will teach students what they need to know to pass their MCSD. Students will be able to operate Windows Store Apps using their C# certification. It is the final preparation for their Microsoft Certification Exam with tons of questions on C# and its fundamental properties.

Course Author – Infinite Skills