The Complete JavaScript Course

Jonas Schmedtmann, the creator of The Complete JavaScript Course, covers almost all the topics one can think of in Javascript. Students will be able to master JavaScript and become an intermediate from a beginner by studying this 28 hour course.

This course teaches the fundamentals of JavaScript, such as functions, arrays, Boolean logic, variables, etc. Students can also organize and structure codes using JavaScript, practice new skills with coding challenges, implement event loop, AJAX, and promises. Some of the latest inclusions in this course are rest parameters, classes, and arrow functions.

Understanding Weird Parts of JavaScript

This advanced course on JavaScript, created by Anthony Alicea, takes on the tougher concepts, such as protocol inheritance, closures, IIFEs, and many more. This course enables students to write solid JavaScript codes that can later help them develop websites, apps, and games quickly.

The primary objective of this course is to ensure that students can avoid common pitfalls that JavaScript coders usually make. It will improve the knowledge about how to debug problems in JavaScript, understand advanced concepts like popular JavaScript frameworks, and many more.

Modern Javascript from the beginning

Brad Traversy brings to students a unique way of learning pure JavaScript without requiring libraries or frameworks. This 21.5-hour course will teach students different asynchronous programming with JavaScript at its base.

It will include various advanced topics, such as Promises and Async, Fetch API, and AJAX. Students will start handling errors more effectively, use regular expressions, and implement object-oriented programming in ES5 prototypes. This course also includes different JavaScript patterns that help students stay updated with the changing formats.

The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp

The best way to become an expert in JavaScript is to have hands-on experience in building real-life apps. This course provides that experience. Andrew Mead, in this 29.5-hour course, teaches students how to develop three different real-life applications.

Students will be able to explore some of the high-tech features of ES6 and ES7 and also understand how JavaScript works from the backend. This is the ideal course that offers hands-on experience on deploying an application on the web so that the user can share it with anyone.

ES6 JavaScript: The Complete Developer’s Guide

 Apart from learning the basics of JavaScript, a developer also needs to know ES6 JavaScript if he/she wants to become successful. This course from Stephen Grider is a step towards learning what goes on in real life.

It includes live examples and hands-on experience on where and how to apply the features of ES6 JavaScript. Students will come to know about the practical situations where they can use ES6, why and how they should write a loop code and many more. This 6-hour lesson is quite affordable for students who want to learn JavaScript in detail.

Advanced JavaScript Concepts

Those who wish to become one of the best JavaScript developers should enroll for this course. It teaches all the advanced JavaScript practices, such as closures, stack overflow, inheritance and prototype chain, object-oriented programming, type coercion, garbage collection, hoisting, IIFE, composition vs. inheritance, and many more.

Andrei Neagoie, the author of this course, wants students to understand the core concepts of JavaScript. Within 24.5 hours, students will be able to deal with JavaScript errors, asynchronous JavaScript, scope and execution context, high order functions, and memory.

Accelerated Javascript Training

JavaScript is one of the essential languages of web development. Students enrolling in this course may have a bright future because it aims to provide a detailed view of how JavaScript works as a catalyst to develop a beautiful website. Maximilian Schwarzmüller has written this course.

His valuable inputs on how to use JavaScript to develop a modern, responsive website is excellent. He provides a variety of examples for different codes so that students understand the functions easily. This course also teaches students how to use JavaScript libraries like React, Angular 2, or jQuery.

Advanced JavaScript


As the name suggests, this course is for advanced students who already know the basics of JavaScript. It will prepare students for interviews so that they can pass not only telephonic rounds but also face to face questioning.

This course from Asim Hussain lasts for 3.5 hours and it can transform students from a junior JavaScript developer to a senior developer after practicing Asim’s techniques. It boosts the confidence of students because they get to know various questions that employers ask about JavaScript and how to tackle them successfully.

Javascript Beginner Bootcamp

Rob Merill, in his comprehensive beginner’s course, teaches students about whiteboard animations and how to code in browsers. His project-based teaching is very helpful because it gives students an opportunity to get hands-on experience on JavaScript coding.

Students will be able to develop projects based on their concepts of JavaScript, visually understand which code will work for which function, create an interactive webpage, and also deploy the pages to the web. It is the ideal way to kickstart the journey of a JavaScript enthusiast. This course is perhaps the only purchase beginners need to make, as it lasts for 21.5 hours.

Learn Javascript from Scratch

This is another comprehensive course that helps students learn about JavaScript from scratch to stack. It includes lessons on how to use JavaScript to create meaningful apps, control a database, monitor a web browser, setup and a browser, and lots more. This course goes into detail about implementing log-in and log-out and even user registrations and user-generated content.

Students will have advanced knowledge about JavaScript once they finish this 27-hour course.For the amount of information students receive, this is a bargain when you compare the price of Brad Schiff’s training vs. traditional college.