PHP for Beginners

Course Description

Those who are beginning their journey into PHP should enroll for this course. This program teaches the fundamentals you”ll need to know in order to become one of the best PHP developers.

Key takeaways for students

Explore the different ways to create a content management system, how to use databases, password hashing, launching an application online and creating clean URLs.

Course Author

Created by Coding Faculty Solutions and Edwin Diaz

Course duration – 38 hours

PHP and Laravel for Beginners


Topics included in the course

Mastering Laravel is crucial if they want to develop complicated and advanced applications like the ones in content management systems. Starting from installing Laravel to creating migrations, controllers, and commanding line programs, this course has everything.

Key takeaways for students

This course is vital for students who are eager to have advanced PHP and controller knowledge to offer more value than most of the other PHP programmers.

Course Author – Coding Faculty Solutions and Edwin Diaz

Course duration – 32 hours

PHP Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Course Description

Object Oriented Programming is another crucial part of PHP. This course from Coding Faculty Solutions and Edwin Diaz are for beginners who want to know about PHP and object oriented programming in detail. It takes the PHP skills of students to the next level. If students already have basic knowledge about PHP and OOP, this course will be a game-changer in their lives.

Topics included in the course

How to create and use PHP objects, methods, properties and global variables.

Key takeaways for students

It teaches students some unique methods to build incredible applications. Students will also learn new OOP techniques and build applications based on them.

Course Author – Coding Faculty Solutions and Edwin Diaz

Course duration – 18.5 hours

Projects in PHP and MySQL

Course Description

Practical knowledge of PHP is essential so that students can implement their theoretical knowledge in codes. This course tries to do that by allowing students to develop ten projects.


Topics included in the course

Learn to use the necessary web programming technologies such as JavaScript, PHP, jQuery and MySQL. Students will learn about some of the most popular web frameworks, software development process, and how to develop projects from scratch. Those who have basic knowledge about PHP can make the most of this course.

Course Author

Eduonix Learning Solutions

Course duration – 20 hours

PHP for Beginners – Build E-commerce Sites

Course Description

Although this course may sound similar, it is specifically for those who want to develop e-commerce websites after learning PHP. Many people who want to become freelance web developers work from their home. 

Key takeaways for students

 By the end of the course, students will be able to develop any e-commerce website and application using PHP. They will also be able to upload applications online and debug errors in their code.

Course Author – Coding Faculty Solutions and Edwin Diaz

Course duration – 14.5 hours

PHP Login and Registration System

Class Description

This course teaches students how to develop a real-life application and create registration and login pages with validation. It also goes deeper into exploring the ideas of adding features like “remember my password” by creating reusable codes. Students will also learn how to activate tokens in databases and hash passwords.

Course Author – Coding Faculty Solutions and Edwin Diaz

Course duration – 6 hours

PHP Unit Testing

Learning Course

Experienced developers always test their code before releasing their program to the public. This course  will teach students how to unit test their PHP code.  This information will be especially useful during job interviews when students have to sit for face to face interviews.

Key Lessons

It allows students to write automated tests for different classes and functions and develop codes based on a variety of tests. Learn to use  PHPUnit Testing Framework to find bugs quickly.

Course Author – Dave Hollingworth

Course duration – 2.5 hours

Object Oriented Programming in PHP

Class Details

Focusing exclusively on in-depth OOP programming, you’ll receive detailed lessons, simple codes examples, projects, and practical training that will help you understand how to deal with OOP codes.

Student Benefits

Object Oriented Programming and PHP go hand in hand. If students want to learn about PHP, they inevitably will have to know object oriented programming also.

Course Author – Saira Sadiq

Course duration – 6 hours

PHP Crash Course

Action Based Learning

Dive into the fundamentals and learn the basic properties of PHP, how it works, practical uses and how to tackle different PHP projects.  This online course covers all the core concepts of PHP so that students have a basic idea of how this programming language works.

Course Authors – Kalob Taulien

Course duration – 90 minutes

Intro to PHP for Web Development


PHP plays an essential role in web development, and this course discusses all the areas that students need to cover to develop a website. Starting from how to code to debugging errors, students will learn all the core concepts of PHP required for web development.

Take Aways

This program provides comprehensive knowledge about different codes and plug-ins that students usually require when it comes to developing websites from scratch. Enroll in this program and see how beneficial it is for the career.

Course Author – John Elder